Installation of Commercial Standby Generators

F. K. Power Solutions offers complete services for the installation of commercial standby generators. By handling the whole project—from initial site assessment to start up and testing—we ensure that no aspects of the installation will be overlooked, and no additional costs will be incurred.
We install commercial standby generators ranging from 10kw to 1000kw.
And because we are a design and build installer, we have our own engineering department as well.


Our Services Include:

  • Initial Site Visit and Assessment
  • Design and Engineering
  • Procurement of the Appropriate Commercial Standby Generator
  • Electrical/Mechanical
  • Start Up and Testing

A Few Of Our Projects

  • Designed and built standby generator for a building without an existing generator.
  • Sized the standby generator to meet the demand of the building.
  • Engineered the electrical installation.
  • Engineered the structural requirements for placement of the standby generator.
  • Reviewed MOE requirements around the standby generator.
  • Obtained building permit.
  • Installed transfer switch, reworked bussing in main switchboard to accommodate installation.
  • Reviewed size of existing standby generator and discussed adding any additional loads.
  • Confirmed size of standby generator.
  • Increased standby generator size to accommodate adding elevators that were not on the existing generator.
  • Engineered increases in electrical loads and allowed for increased size of transfer switch and distribution loads.
  • Obtained building permit.
  • Reviewed air flow and increased size of intake and exhaust louvres to allow for larger engine.
  • Installed new transfer switch.
  • Installed temporary standby generator while removing old unit and installing new one.
  • Reviewed the requirements for the standby generator, kept conveyor moving in a power failure as the metal on the conveyor was heated and would melt the conveyor if stopped.
  • Reviewed motor loads, applied to sizing calculator and determined size required.
  • Determined the best location for the standby generator.
  • Obtained building permit.
  • Built new concrete pad and protective bollards around standby generator.
  • Installed new gas piping to the standby generator at 2psi, installed regulator to required pressure at the unit.
  • Installed new transfer switch and wiring between MCC and standby generator.
  • Installed temporary standby generator while removing old unit and installing new one.
  • Diesel standby generator in mechanical penthouse on 14th floor required replacement.
  • Customer wanted to change from diesel to natural gas.
  • Obtained building permit.
  • Installed a temporary standby generator to keep the building functional.
  • Removed existing diesel main tank and disposed of the existing fuel and tank.
  • Removed pump set and diesel piping from existing standby generator.
  • Removed day tank and fuel.
  • Removed intake and exhaust louvres.
  • Craned old unit out and new unit in.
  • Upgraded exhaust and louvres.
  • Facility required a standby generator to back up production and temperature-sensitive product.
  • Reviewed electrical loading with customer and decided best solution was to pick up the entire facility vs. scattered areas.
  • Engineered a solution to add a 500kw into their system.
  • Obtained building permit.
  • Built engineered concrete pad and protective bollards around the standby generator unit.
  • Supplied and installed a matching transfer switch.
  • Introduced the transfer switch to the incoming service and reworked switchboard bussing to accommodate.
  • Provided electrical as required.

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